Presentation & Report Services

A cost effective, convenient and time saving solution for handling presentations, report production and editing:

  • Creation of PowerPoint or Word presentations from hand drawn pages, data sheets, drafts or other sources. You just scan/email or fax the pages to our team for production. We will send you back excellent documents, on time.
    • We operate 24/7.
    • We work in multiple languages.
    • We provide additional design and QA services.
  • Typing, tidying, formatting, editing and proof-reading of documents, presentations and reports from hand-drawn pages, electronic sources, voice reports, PowerPoint and Word. Let us run the time-consuming entry and formatting activities for your business.
  • Typing and formatting of voice notes (transcription services, conferences, meetings). Ideal for interviews, meetings and thinking aloud.

We produce outstanding PowerPoint presentations and other documents cost effectively so you can:

  • Avoid the time and hassle of formatting slides
  • Go home hours earlier
  • Impress colleagues and customers with your exceptional presentations
  • Don’t let your PowerPoint skills restrict your presentations, let us produce great pages for you
  • So much modern communication relies not just on what you say, but on the quality of the presentation