Office Support

Bookkeeping from just GBP 30 per day

MSK Global offers office support services to help you run your organisation and get on with your core activities. This is an excellent, cost effective and hassle free service, where our team works with you to provide the administrative support you need, when you need it.

Virtual Assistant

  • Enjoy the benefits of a Virtual Assistant dedicated either to you, to your team or as support to your PA. This allows you and your team to concentrate on key tasks and pass time-consuming activities (that distract, keep you in the office or never get done) to us.
  • A flexible and good value route to ‘just getting things done’. We understand your requirements, templates and demands and are available when convenient to you.

 We can support you on a full range of office needs including:

  • Communication based services such as call answering/message or order taking, telesales/ lead generation, online/email support, running online customer chat services and email drafting.
  • Online and telephone research.
  • PowerPoint and presentations services.
  • Typing and formatting your voice or written notes.
  • Data input and charting.
  • Travel research HR and internal support.

HR and internal matters are often bottom of the list in smaller organisations. We can support you on such critical areas in an operationally robust manner, providing the analytics and expertise required. Find the right people and manage them well!

Our support includes:

  • Recruitment support services: We can help you run the time consuming part of growing your team including posting ads, scanning CVs, running first round telephone interviews to check specific requirements, scheduling interview appointments, answering simple requests, dealing with agencies and candidate handling.
  • Bookkeeping: We are committed to relieving our clients of all the administrative burdens relating to accounting leaving you to focus on running your business.
  • Internal metrics monitoring: We allow you to monitor, measure and act on key internal team data. Our services include inputting and analysis of key metrics such as expenses, absences, holidays and performance.
  • Team Satisfaction surveys: Understand your team! We create, operate, process and analyse staff and stakeholder surveys and then provide detailed results and action points as a whole and by profile on areas such as opportunity, responsibility, leadership, training, lifestyle, career, equality, salary and benefits. Acting on the results can lead to large improvements in productivity and turnover.
  • Recruitment effectiveness analysis: We analyse your hiring processes including acceptance rates by profile, cost per hire, marketing route success and reasons for offer rejection. We can further analyse your internal data on the performance of new hire profiles once inside your organisation.
  • Research and database services: