Global Responsibilities

We believe

  • Our firm is uniquely placed to provide unparalleled opportunities to economically and otherwise vulnerable people.
  • We as a firm have responsibilities to the communities in which we operate.

We plan

  • To lead by example in how we select, develop and look after our team and the people around them.
  • To hire actively from economically vulnerable groups where we can do this without affecting client service.
  • To focus on our team and partners as people. To be more than just a job. To grow together as opportunities arise. To back our team and promote from within. To provide unimaginable opportunity and rewards to our most loyal and hard working people. To create role models in the community.
  • To provide career, workplace skills and training to disadvantaged communities.
  • To have every member of our top team work on community projects for a minimum number of days per year.
  • To get bigger and better at doing all of these things as we ourselves grow and to maintain ‘Board-level’ commitment to achieve this.