Our expertise, practical focus and wide experience make us a perfect choice.

MSK Global provides consulting and advisory services to a limited number of fast-growing businesses where our impact is greatest. Examples of our work include:

New ventures

Opportunity go/no go decisions. We can work with you as a peer to support decision making on new investment, product or expansion opportunities.

Company and new business MOT

Our company MOT is a particularly effective route to business improvement. We analyse the state of your business, market and competitors and make practical recommendations.

What do we do?

  • We look at what your competitors are offering and charging.
  • We look at shifts in your market
  • We talk with employees to probe and gauge their views on the business, opportunities and the health of your business.
  • We talk with your suppliers, partners and advisors on how your business can be more effective .
  • Finally, we discuss and challenge our findings with you and your top team. We present to you an honest picture of your challenges and opportunities including:
    • Staff productivity, roles and responsibilities and turnover.
    • Your product offering.
    • Pricing.
    • Opportunities.
    • Threats.

People studies

We can help you to understand in more detail what drives your team, their performance and productivity. Through interviews, surveys and team debate, we facilitate your understanding of your organisation, provide clear next steps and work with you to implement and manage ongoing change.

  • Staff surveys: satisfaction, top team opportunity/career planning, benefits and pay, process/tasks, roles and responsibilities, organisational engagement.
 Implement changes to get the best from your team!
  • Shareholder, founder and top team advisory: helping plan for and resolve people issues, communication breakdown and disagreements.